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ZK Result: Shareholder Jeffrey Ramaley Secures Defense Verdict For Client

(Beaver County, PA) On July 13, 2016 , Jeffrey Ramaley received a defense verdict following a two (2) day trial in Beaver County, Pennsylvania in a rear end motor vehicle accident where liability was admitted.


Although the impact was minor, the plaintiff had undergone back surgery eight (8) months before the accident and, four (4) months before the accident, had been given a generally clean bill of health by her neurosurgeon.  The surgeon, an alleged world expert in the field of scoliosis, testified that the trauma led to loosening of screws in hardware in plaintiff’s back from the surgery leading him to perform a major redo of the back surgery.


There was a $72,000 medicare lien. The plaintiff also claimed a closed head injury with extensive treatment and an injury to her right arm.  The jury found that the defendant-client’s negligence did not cause any harm to the plaintiff.