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ZK Result: Attorneys Joseph Selep and Joseph Butcher Obtain Defense Win in Products Liability Trial

(Pittsburgh, PA) (January 2016).  On the sixth day of trial in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Zimmer Kunz attorneys Joseph Selep and Joseph Butcher obtained a compulsory non-suit for their client, a tire retreader.  The Plaintiffs presented evidence of the damages arising from the accident, which included the Plaintiff-husband’s personal injuries and $1.5 million in economic damages.  Plaintiffs alleged claims of products liability arising from a coal truck accident.  Plaintiffs asserted that a retreaded tire blow-out caused the accident.  At trial, the Plaintiffs pursued claims against the company that retreaded the tire and the company that supplied the original tire.  The trial judge ruled that the Plaintiffs’ liability evidence, including their expert witness’ testimony, could not establish the required prima facie case against the two defendants.